Why use BLCAS consultant services?

We get to know your business and work with you to develop a practical, manageable system that you are happy with and also that will meet standard requirements. We can provide ongoing support and maintenance if required at a reasonable cost to ensure you are not left wondering. Unfortunately, I have seen some quality management systems where a consultant has sold some system templates etc. that may work in some business circumstances well but really do not make a lot of sense or it is clear for the users which can be embarrassing at the least, or even result in non-conformances at the worst during external audits. 

How do we know how to do this? BLCAS consultant Brian Latta has worked in both small and large businesses in management as a successful quality representative for certifications for over 10 years and therefore has a high level experience in what is practical for small to medium sized businesses. He also has a high level understanding of what auditors expect to see in certification audits as he is also an experienced and qualified auditor currently contract auditing for two large accredited and internationally recognised certification bodies in Australia and New Zealand. Brian has Principal Auditor certification through the independent organisation Exemplar Global. You could say Brian has quite a unique set of skills. Find out more.

What clients are saying

"I highly recommend Brian Latta; he has an excellent level of understanding of ISO 9001 and has the ability to incorporate the standard into a practical quality management system."  Quality Manager at Sunstate Cement Ltd. 
"I highly recommend Brian Latta; he has an excellent level of understanding of ISO 9001 and has the ability to incorporate the standard into a practical quality management system."
"Thanks for the spirit in which this audit was conducted and we look forward to a long relationship"​
​"I would like to thank you for all your efforts in getting this put through so promptly for the company it has been an absolute breeze working with yourself throughout the entire process."
As a contract auditor, Brian was rated third highest from the last round of customer surveys (2017) of all Australian auditors for one of the largest certification bodies in Australia (BSI Group) scoring 9.4 out of 10 for the audit experience .


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Providing support for ISO management and product certification systems in Queensland and throughout Australia.

BLCAS exists to provide cost effective support with quality related certifications in various ways such as: 
  • To develop a system with you to gain certification through a third party audit by an accredited certification body
    To prepare for an upcoming ISO 9001 or other quality related audit
  • To address non-conformances from a previous audit
  • To provide training to assist you in understanding the jargon filled requirements of  ISO 9001, GECA or other quality related standards
  • To be an extra resource to conduct independent internal audits or a implement progressive system improvements when your resources are stretched or inexperienced in this field
  • To run or develop efficient management review processes that meet standard and internal requirements
  • Provide an independent review of a newly developed or upgraded system prior to ensure you will pass your initial or recertification audit